Management Services & Human Resources

  • Handles general correspondence and filing
  • Handles council's meetings
  • Handles office security and classified official documents
  • Handles human resource management and establishment
  • Handles staff's government examination
  • Handles human resource development / training
  • Handles leave application
  • Handles staff retirement
  • Handles staff application for various facilities such as government loans, treatment, free passage etc.


  • Handles office finance and investments
  • Handles payment of staff salary and allowances
  • Handles government revenue collection
  • Handles staff's contribution to EPF , pension etc.
  • Prepares monthly and yearly statement of account for the Council
  • Prepares yearly budget estimates

      Valuation & Property Management

  • Referencing of all rate able holdings
  • Prepares rates assessment notices
  • Prepares monthly and yearly rates assessment collection report
  • Handles recovery of rates assessment
  • Process remission and rebate cases
  • Prepares list of rate able holdings for caveat & legal actions


  • Handles implementation of development projects
  • Maintains infrastructures and amenities such as roads, drains, bridges, street lighting, recreational parks, council's buildings etc
  • Handles tender documents and agreements
  • Handles application for 'occupation permit' to newly completed buildings
  • Prepares performance report on development projects periodically

      Community Development & Library

  • Management of public library including rural library
  • Prepares books and reading materials for public use
  • Handles membership application
  • Updating library inventory and membership records
  • Handles classification of books and cataloging
  • Responsible for library safety and cleanliness
  • Collect and compile statistics related to the management of library


  • Enforcement of Council's By-laws, Local Authority Ordinance and other regulations as directed by the higher authority
  • Issue notices and take legal actions against defaulters
  • Prepares report periodically on enforcement activities

      Health & Municipals Services 

  • Responsible for public health services such as refuse disposal, drain cleansing, sweeping of roads and public places etc under Council's jurisdiction
  • Control of communicable diseases such as dengue fever, J.E. etc
  • Food safety and quality control in areas under Council's jurisdiction
  • Management of markets and public toilets
  • Process application of various Council's licence
  • Involved in vetting of building plans (health aspect) and issuance of 'occupation permit'
  • Enforcement of Food Act , Destruction of Disease Bearing Insects Act, all related Council's By-laws and regulations.